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  Just to keep you up to speed, Just recently, in January;through System Council #7 of the IBEW ,we formally served upon SEPTA our Section 6 notice. This document is a notice under the Rail Labor Act to the carrier: esceentially is our Contract Proposal to amend the existing instrument which we  have been working  under. As you may know under the Rail Labor Act, the agreement  remains in force until  both parties come to an agreement.  This could take a long time to resolve. We expect to  meet later this month to receive their reply.

    Under the current agreement one more 3% wage increase is due in April 2009. 

   As you may have heard, SEPTA notified the organizations they have a court decision granting them  their wish to escape from the Federal Employers Liability Act ( FELA) not to be confused with (FMLA). The former, (FELA)  is the railroad version of workers compensation.  But under FELA, the recovery for an injured worker is richer then under workers comp. At this point I am not sure what is going to happen. The rail organizations including the IBEW have retained council to  challenge this harsh act committed by SEPTA against  the Railroad Division's workers. Stay tuned. I know we are attempting to get an injunction from a higher court, preventing SEPTA from enforcing this unacceptable conduct.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to  contact us. I can be reached at 215.266. 3560. The office of IBEW System  Council # 7 can be reached at 215.336.1053



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