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     So you can receive the full benefit of the benefit package, you should remember to up-date your personal information with the Benefit Department every time something  changes. These changes can include adding an additional dependent , change in address, divorce, marrage, or a change to your beneficiary for life insurance. The Benefits Department can be reached at 215. 580. 7121.

   Health Insurance:  After 90 days of employment, employees  and dependants are entitled to participate in the benefits plans which include Health Insurance provided through Independence Blue Cross; Personal Choice Plan PPO ( 10/20/70), or the Keystone 5 HMO Plan.  Blue Cross contract information: 215. 557. 7577 or www.ibx.com

   The controlling agreement requires 1% of regular pay as co-pay towards defraying  employers cost of providing the benefits.

    VisionPlan: After 15 months of employment employees and dependants are entitled to Vision Benefits. The current provider is Eye Med. Coverage includes eye exams yearly; $65 dollars allowance towards frames and free lens. Call at 1. 866. 539. 3633 www.eyemedvisioncare.com

   Prescription Plan: After 15 months of employment employees and dependants are entitled to Prescription benefits through Medco. The plan requires co-payments for prescriptions. The co-payments are $5 for Generic; $10 for preferred brand prescriptions; and $20 for non-preferred brand prescriptions for a thirty day supply. For persons who  require long term maintenance medications, it is strongly recommended  they utilize the mail order system.. Mail orders will for prescriptions will provide a 90 day supply for the same co-pay. Medco member services can be contacted at: 1.800.711.0917 or www.medco.com

   Dental Plan: Employees  are entitled to Dental Benefits after 15 months employment. Benefits are provided through Cigna Dental. There are two choices to choose from.  you must make your selection during the open  enrollment period. The two plans include: DHMO where you must choose from a list of primary providers and DPPO, where you can visit any licensed dentist. Cigna contact information 1.800.244.6224 or visit www.mycigna.com

  Primary Sickness Benefits are payble through the Railroad Retirement Board. Currently the benefits are $65 dollars a day. You must have yor treating medical professional complete the required forms and summit them to theRailroad Retirement Board. The contact number is 1. 877. 772. 5772 also on the web at WWW.RRB.GOV. Additional supplemental income is provided through the plan described below.

      Supplemental Income Benefits: The supplemental income plan is  provided through Aenta Insurance in addition to the sickness benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board. to open a claim you must contact Aenta at 1.800.205.7651. you should have your treating doctors name; address; and FAX numbers available. you must contact Aetna within 20 days of going out. Failure to do so may cause interuption of your benefits. www.aenta.com. This plan will provide supplemental income for up to  one year.

    FMLA: Family Medical Leave Act:  Although this is not a negotiated benefit per-say, but an act of Congress which permits individuals leave from work without discipline attached; to take care of an elligible dependent, or for a personal illness. You must follow it's regulations, or you may not receive the protections afforded by the act. SEPTA requires individuals who need to avail themselfs of this protective shield to take certain actions. First, you must contact the FMLA administrator at 1.800.587.1211 to determine if you qualify. You will forms to be completed by your treating doctor. This leave allows up to 12 weeks of leave during a "rolling year" . Leave segments can be taken in increments or in blocks. Leave can be taken in allotments ranging from several minuets to weeks in duration.

 Be sure your providing medical professional properly states the duration and leave patterns . You can find the full content of the at: www.dol.gov/fmla