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INTERNATIONAL OFFICE PAGE LINK       WWW.IBEW.ORG  Visit this page to access additional information on organizating and other branches of the brotherhood.

RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD PAGE LINK   WWW.RRB.GOV   Visit this page to access information regarding: retirement, sickness benefits, survivor benefits and more.  Phone number for the local office has been changed.  The new number is 877.772.5772

OCCUPATIONAL  SAFETY HEALTH and SAFETY WWW.OSHA.GOV  Visit this page for  additional information on work place safety infomation. You have a right to  refuse an assignment if you believe the assigment is a hazard. You must  declare this verbally, or in writing and have a good faith belief that  harm  can come to your person if you perform the assigned task.

UNITED STATES SENATE WWW.SENATE.GOV.  Visit this page to communicate with your U.S. Senators

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WWW.HOUSE.GOV Visit this page to communicted with  your house Representatives.

FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT  WWW.DOL.GOV/ESA/WHD/FMLA This provides a link to information as to how protedtions are providedd when taking medical leave.

TRANSPORTATION TRADES DEPARTMENT of the AFL/CIO : WWW.TTD.ORG This link provides useful information regarding transportation projects and legislation in Washington affecdting jobs and transportation in general.


A really neat site I came across offered by non-partician groups watching the political areana is WWW.TRUTHOUT.ORG. On this site you can find out your elected officials based on your zip-code. You can find out how they voted on almost any subject.. Check it out.

Another political interest site is WWW.VOTESMART.ORG

SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY: WWW.SEPTA.ORG ; andforemployees there is a inside intranet. to gain access to  this area you will need to  get a pin number and passwor.. you can acccess direct informaton related to yor service and benefits. WWW.INSIDE.SEPTA.ORG.

For fun; Check out this web siteof web sites: WWW.ALLMYFAVES.COM

Stay connected to Philly Labor news at www.phillyunions.com

LIST OF FELA LAWYERS;  This list is provided to help injured members find qualified Council in the practice of Federal Employers Liability Act law. They are listed in no particular order. 

James Mc Eldrew Esq.    1.800.223.6130

Myers & Laferty            1.888.290.6888

Kleeman & DiGiovanni     1.800.221.5697